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Cytosolv is a biotechnology company located in Providence, RI, that is developing cell-based therapeutics.  In addition to its cell-derived protein product for improving the healing of problematic wounds of the skin and abdominal fascia, Cytosolv is also developing encapsulation systems and methodologies for systemic delivery of proteins secreted by living cells.  These systems are tailored to provide long-term therapeutic delivery to treat chronic diseases with stem cells, engineered cell lines, or primary tissue.

Formed from a team of scientists originating from Brown University and then Cytotherapeutics, Neurotech, and Living Cell Technologies, Cytosolv has extensive background in the development and commercialization of technologies in biologics and devices targeting diseases of the central nervous system, metabolic disorders, and ophthalmic indications. The company was founded by Chris Thanos and Moses Goddard initially to commercialize its wound healing technology, and has recently initiated a cell encapsulation program with a corporate partner.  Cytosolv has been funded by a combination of seed funding from the Slater Technology Fund, a series of grants from the NSF, NIH, and RI-STAC, and through corporate partnerships.

Cytosolv maintains a close collaboration with Kineteks, LLC, a design and engineering firm in Warwick, RI, and operates laboratory space at 117 Chapman Street.